AlphaBit Club Organise DevDay2.0

DevDey2.0 15 12 2018 1 DevDey2.0 15 12 2018

Another year, another #event but let us bless your ears with this: DevDay is back! Yes, yes; heard that well, the outstanding great experience is in stores for you, with special #conferences & #workshops ! 
Probably wondering what is #DevDay? Don’t get lost because we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know. #DevDay is indeed a #learning day whose goal would be an introduction to new modern #development_techniques through conferences, talks and workshops animated by both professors, brilliant coders and members of the #AlphaBit family. Whom have an experience in the field of #software development, hosted here in #SBA.
Why are we hosting a second conference titled #DevDay? We firmly believe that you should be provided with in-depth access to the latest advances, trends, tools, patterns and better practices, in the software industry. #DevDay bridges this need by exposing you to #Software #Professionals and provide you with exclusive #workshops.
Join us this year for the biggest #DevDay yet, and be part of the change that moves the software industry forward into the future. 

The event will take place on December 15th, 2018 at the Reading Room

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