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Guess who's back!!
Hope y'all had a great vacation (most of us didn't), and for the freshmen, hope you're having a good start of this "university life", and if you're not, we are gonna make it better anyways!

Anouncing the first event of the year, powered by ingeniums and alphabit, made especially for all of you, new students in this school.

The transition between highschool and university can be so difficult, confusing, and can leave a person hesitant, wondering if he made the best choice with the field of studies he's pursuing .

Talk day is made just for you, an afternoon where students from every year come to share their experiences, have a chat and answer your questions.

How to study? what to do? what are the challenges i'm gonna face? how to solve them? can i have a good fun time without studying or those days are over?

And if the talk isn't enough, we are gonna give you all the files you need for studying: courses, TDs and exams from the past years!

Make sure not to miss this, it's gonna make this new life of yours ten times easier.

see you at Amphi D, october 1st at 13:00 !