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Séminaire de l'équipe ISEDAW


Le prochain  séminaire de l'équipe "Information Systems Engineering and Data Web"  aura lieu le  Jeudi  28 Février à l'ESI-SBA , à 9h   (Salle de Soutenance)   :

 Équipe :  Information Systems Engineering and Data Web






Benaribi Fethi Imad

Sécurité et confidentialité sur les données liées

Awad Samir

Composition de Services Sémantiques dans le web des Objets



ESI Showcase poster  

For all of you, especially sophomore students (2 CPI), ESI- Showcase is coming!

*What is ESI-Showcase?
ESI-Showcase is like a museum for the projects that students have done in the past years for their end of the year project.
Tens of projects from the past years, with the students that made them to give you all the things you need to break free from the maze that is the project of the end of the year.

To make it easier for new sophomore students to pick the topic, know what advantages and disadvantages that comes with each topic, learn how to work in groups: common problems that comes with it and how to solve them, how to divide the work, etc, and have the answers to all their questions!

February 19th, starting at 13:00.

*Will it be helpful and awsome?
it's powered by ingeniums.


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